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What is the intended audience for IWLC events and activities?
Women at all stages of their lives and leadership development—from students to seniors—can benefit from IWLC resources. We ask only that you come prepared to learn, grow, and interact with a diverse group of women who share an interest in enhancing their leadership skills and their impact on the world around them.

What can I expect to take away from attending IWLC events?
Expect to be informed and challenged. Expect to take notes and make connections with dozens of new friends, colleagues, and potential mentors. Expect to have fun and be well fed. And expect to be very glad you came!

Whom should I contact with ideas for speakers or conference programming?
You can submit ideas via the Contact page on our website. We welcome your input!

Where can I find out about past IWLC conferences and speakers?
Visit our Events page for more information about prior conference highlights as well as coming events.

My company is interested in becoming affiliated with IWLC. Where can I learn about event sponsorships and other opportunities?
IWLC owes much of its success to generous support from large and small companies throughout Iowa. Visit our Sponsorship page for more information.

How is the Iowa Women’s Leadership Conference (IWLC) related to the Iowa Women’s Foundation (IWF)?
Although both IWLC and the Iowa Women's Foundation are headquartered in the Iowa City-Cedar Rapids Corridor and support the advancement of women, we are separate organizations with distinct missions. IWF was founded in 1994 as a financial vehicle for individuals and businesses to strategically invest in expanded opportunities for Iowa women and girls. IWF's mission is to improve the lives of Iowa women and girls through philanthropy, advocacy and collaboration. During the past 18 years, IWF has funded projects in 69 of Iowa’s 99 counties. IWF has provided support for IWLC since its launch in 2007 as a sponsor, fiscal agent and through volunteer support on the steering committee. IWLC promotes women’s leadership through events and other activities that provide women with opportunities to enhance their leadership skills through exposure to nationally-known speakers and peer networking. IWF and IWLC support one another’s goals and often collaborate on statewide women’s initiatives, including the 2012 Status of Women and Girls in Iowa Report.