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Womens Leadership Event

June 16: Gender Intelligence workshop scheduled

"Creating an Effective Workplace through Gender Intelligence" will educate attendees on the benefits of learning and leveraging the difference between men and women in the workplace.  Learn more...

Womens Leadership Event

Corridor area Invest in She set for June 11

IWLC seeks female entrepreneurs and business owners to participate in live pitch event   Learn more...

Womens Leadership Event

IWLC opens registration for Dubuque conference

Registration for the 2015 IWLC Dubuque Conference is open. Women and men interested in attending the October 8, 2015 conference to be held at the Grand River Center can register at www.IWLCLeads.org/Dubuque.  Learn more...

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Leadership Matters BlogLeadership Matters Blog

One ticket, please...

Laura Schmidt | Posted: 05/19/2015

Just because you do things alone does not mean you are alone. It just means you are comfortable enough to define your own terms. Blogger Laura Schmidt discusses her new goal of attending movies solo - and why she should.

In the arena of multitasking, women own it. No surprise to you, I’m sure. However, even though we can multitask…. and we’re good at it….. should we?

Let’s take a moment to contemplate what the typical career journey looks like and reveal how to avoid the pitfalls where many women stumble! Today's Mindful Monday blog addresses accountability.

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