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Womens Leadership Event

IWLC announces hiring of Chief Operating Officer

Iowa Women Lead Change (IWLC) Chief Executive Officer Diane Ramsey today announced the hiring of Tiffany O’Donnell as Chief Operating Officer, the first appointment of its kind for the state’s premier women’s leadership organization. Ms. O’Donnell wi  Learn more...

Womens Leadership Event

IWLC exhibitors reap benefits from networking, partnerships

At the upcoming IWLC Eastern Iowa Conference, April 21-22 in Cedar Rapids, local businesses and non-profits have the opportunity to exhibit to the more than 1,200 women, men and students in attendance.  Learn more...

Womens Leadership Event

IWLC releases organization’s 2015 conference video

Iowa Women Lead Change (IWLC) Chief Executive Officer Diane Ramsey today shared the organization’s 2015 conference video, which charts IWLC’s historical path, the challenges facing women in the workplace and in society, and how IWLC’s distinct brand   Learn more...

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Leadership Matters BlogLeadership Matters Blog

Let’s take a moment to contemplate what the typical career journey looks like and reveal how to avoid the pitfalls where many women stumble! Today's Mindful Monday blog addresses accountability.

Soon-to-be college graduate Adrian Thompson attended the 2015 IWLC Eastern Iowa Conference and participated in the mentor-mentee match. She offers her opinions on mentoring relationships.

I spent the last two days at the IWLC Eastern Iowa Conference. And I met some amazing women in leadership roles. This conference was well worth every cent!

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