Men's Track

Engaging men to advance women

IWLC debuted its Men's Track Program at the 2015 Eastern Iowa Conference, with plans to expand this offering in other conference communities. 

The Men's Track Program is designed for men who are eager to learn more about gender intelligence and how to use that knowledge to have a positive impact in the workplace.

Gender intelligence is the ability to comprehend the distinguishing characteristics of males and females beyond that of physical and cultural, to include their attitudinal and behavioral distinctiveness. It is a consciousness that values gender difference in conduct, rationalizations, and actions and, as a result, enables gender-aware individuals to engage confidently and effectively with members of the opposite gender in social and workplace settings.

IWLC recognizes that women’s leadership is a global business issue that needs to be addressed systemically across the enterprise and include the involvement of both women and men at all levels of leadership. To this end, IWLC has partnered with The Gender Intelligence Group, PwC's Office of Diversity and Inclusion and McGladrey, LLP's Diversity and Inclusion Office to offer engaging speakers and best practices. 

“It is important for men to understand a woman’s perspective, issues, and how we are similar and very different, because therein lies the real strength – our differences.”

Todd Barker | Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch | Cedar Rapids, Iowa