Student Track

Guiding aspiring young leaders

"The IWLC conference I attended motivated me to make the most out of my volunteer positions. The women who spoke to us were so incredibly accomplished - and I am trying to take their advice and work toward my goals, both big and small."

Sarah Thielen | University of Iowa student | Dubuque, Iowa

Women make up nearly 47 percent of the U.S. labor force. Women play a critical role in the success of businesses large and small. Women bring different perspectives, styles and talents to companies. The impact these companies have in the world would be diminished without the contributions that women bring to roles at all levels of an organization.

IWLC's Student Track programs are designed to assist aspiring young women to take a meaningful step on their leadership journey and learn more about women’s leadership and career preparation. As a conference attendee, undergraduate students have access to locally and nationally known women leaders with invaluable expertise and an opportunity to network with hundreds of professionals within their own community.  

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IWLC is committed to providing the right development opportunities, leadership programs and education to give aspiring young women a chance to own their success. 

To find a Student Track program in your own community, please visit our Events page. Scholarships are also available for interested students willing to complete a short application. 

"Students have an opportunity to learn from leaders in our community and to make connections with 'difference-makers' who will help shape their career. It is the students who not only learn in the classroom, but also find ways to learn outside of the classroom at events like IWLC conferences, who truly begin to find out what they want to do and who they want to be when they graduate.

Nathan Klein, Ed.D. | Business Professor, Mount Mercy University | Cedar Rapids, Iowa