• I’m forever grateful.

    "I’m forever grateful."


    “My experience at IWLC was a key influencing factor in where I am today.”

  • We never stop learning

    "We never stop learning"

    Darice Keating

    “Being part of IWLC, we have the chance to support each other, learn from each other, engage in mentoring, and continually grow . . . ”

  • I’ve become a better mentor.

    "I’ve become a better mentor."

    Angel West

    “Little did I know that a call to a complete stranger would begin a journey filled with new friends . . .”

  • Feel the excitement!”

    "Feel the excitement!”

    Sue Kistler

    “As a community volunteer, I believe volunteer services benefit the entire community on an immeasurable scale. Thanks to IWLC, I feel empowered to do more . . . ”

  • “I

    “I have gained so much!"

    Amy O’Deen

    “I was blessed with the opportunity to work with an amazing cadre of women leaders in developing the highly successful inaugural Iowa Women’s Leadership Conference . . . "

  • “Women

    “Women matter to Iowa!”

    Diane Ramsey, IWLC Executive Director

    “The just-released SHE MATTERS report documents women’s impact on the Iowa economy, but also reveals serious challenges. Read the report and help IWLC improve the status of Iowa’s women and girls!”

  • Rewarded beyond measure

    "Rewarded beyond measure"

    Shanti Roundtree

    "Picture it: Iowa City, 2009. A local company announces it is closing its doors and 60 solid publishing careers will be cut short, including mine..."

  • Inspired to run

    "Inspired to run"

    Liz Mathis

    "Through the years I had attended gatherings where women would say, ‘You know, there should be more women in politics...'"

Upcoming Events

Except for our student-track session in the afternoon, this event is now SOLD OUT. To learn more about student programming, visit the conference website. Thanks for your interest and support!today!

10-Month Women in Leadership Program

Mar. 20 - Dec. 19, 2014

Ginny Wilson-Peters’ Women in Leadership groups are 10-month programs that provide a supportive and invigorating environment for women to work on their own leadership and personal growth. Participants will learn how to reach personal and career goals, gain insights into strengths and weaknesses, improve leadership skills, and grow a strong support network. For more information, visit http://integrityintegrated.com/programs-services/wil

Women’s Leadership Development – Des Moines

Mar. 25 - May. 20, 2014

A 12-session, 12-month program for mid-to senior-level professional women who want to take the next step to be stronger leaders. This group is facilitated by Ginny Wilson-Peters, President & Owner of Integrity Integrated. Pre-registration is required. To register, contact Shari Baker at 563-359-1099 or SBaker@IntegrityIntegrated.com


Womens Leadership Event

New "Pathways to Leadership" summary available

With top 10 recommendations and key takeaways, this valuable document will help organizations advance women's leadership.  Learn more...

Womens Leadership Event

IWLC welcomes new board members

The IWLC board of directors elected new members Tara Cronbaugh, Tasha Reisz, and Betsy McCloskey at its October 2014 meeting.   Learn more...

Womens Leadership Event

Latest IWLC progress report available

It's been a busy 18 months for IWLC. Read more about our accomplishments!  Learn more...